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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This "./go" script is the build script.
# For context behind the "./go" script, please read these:
set -e
_verify-prerequisites () {
git config core.hooksPath .githooks
if ! command -v stack &> /dev/null
_bad-message "Install haskell-stack to continue"
exit 1
if ! command -v hakyll-init &> /dev/null
stack install hakyll
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
_bad-message "Failed to install Hakyll, check for troubleshooting"
exit 1
⚡build () {
_help-line "Compile the site generator and generate the site"
stack build
stack exec site build -- "$@"
⚡clean () {
_help-line "Clean generated site files"
rm -rf _cache/* _site/*
⚡clean_all () {
_help-line "Clean generated site files and site generator binaries"
stack clean
⚡rebuild () {
_help-line "Clean and then rebuild the generated site"
⚡build "$@"
⚡rebuild_all () {
_help-line "Clean and then rebuild both the generated site and the site generator binary"
⚡build "$@"
⚡prebake() {
_help-line "Compile only the site generator's and tests' dependencies"
stack build --only-dependencies
stack test --only-dependencies
⚡watch () {
_help-line "Build the site generator, generate the site, and then run the preview server"
stack exec site watch -- "$@"
⚡rewatch() {
_help-line "Rebuild the site generator, regenerate the site, and then run the preview server"
stack exec site watch -- "$@"
⚡kill() {
_help-line "Kill the site preview server if has gotten loose and run away!"
lsof -ti tcp:8000 | xargs kill -9
⚡publish () {
_help-line "Build the site and then publish it live"
current_branch="$(git branch --show-current)"
if [[ "$current_branch" != "main" ]]; then
_bad-message "Can only publish from main branch; tried to publish from $current_branch"
exit 1
⚡test_sync "main"
sha="$(git log -1 HEAD --pretty=format:%h)"
tag="$(date +'publish_%Y.%m.%d_%H.%M.%S')_$sha"
git fetch origin _site
mkdir -p _site
rm -rf _site/* _site/.git
cp -r .git/ ./_site/.git/
pushd ./_site
git switch _site
git pull origin _site
SITE_ENV=prod ⚡rebuild
pushd ./_site
git add .
git commit -m "Build on $(date) generated from $sha"
git push origin _site
git tag -a "$tag" -m "Build on $(date) generated from $sha"
git push origin "$tag"
rsync -ahp *
⚡preview () {
_help-line "Build the site and publish a preview build"
SITE_ENV=preview ⚡rebuild
rsync -ahp _site/*
⚡test_sync () {
_help-line "Verify that the current or specified local branch is up to date with the remote branch"
branch=${1:-$(git branch --show-current)}
git switch $branch
git fetch origin $branch
rev_parse_remote="$(git rev-parse origin/$branch)"
rev_parse_local="$(git rev-parse $branch)"
if [ "$rev_parse_local" != "$rev_parse_remote" ]; then
_bad-message "Branch $branch not in sync with remote!"
exit 1
_good-message "Local branch $branch is up to date with remote"
⚡test () {
_help-line "Run hspec tests"
stack test
⚡force-publish () {
_help-line "Publish generated site as-is. Only use this for emergencies!"
rsync -ahp _site/*
⚡datestamp () {
_help-line "Generate ISO-8601 datestamp with time and offset"
DATE=$(date +"%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%z")
echo "$DATE"
echo "$DATE" | pbcopy
echo "Copied to clipboard: $DATE"
⚡favicons () {
_help-line "Generate favicon and og:image from grass.svg"
mkdir -p "$out_dir"
sizes=(16 32 48 64 96 128 256 512 1024)
for x in ${sizes[@]}; do
inkscape -w $x -h $x -o "$out_file" "$src_file"
identify "$out_file"
convert "${out_files[@]}" "$(pwd)/_site/favicon.ico"
identify "$(pwd)/_site/favicon.ico"