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module Green.Rule where
import Green.Common
import Green.Compiler.Layout
import Green.Config
import Green.Rule.Blog
import Green.Rule.BrokenLinks
import Green.Rule.Css
import Green.Rule.Feed
import Green.Rule.Index
import Green.Rule.Js
import Green.Rule.Page
import Green.Rule.Robot
import Green.Rule.Sitemap
rules :: SiteConfig -> Rules ()
rules config = do
cssRules config
codeDep <- codeRules
rulesExtraDependencies [codeDep] do
blogRules config
feedRules config
indexRules config
pageRules config
robotsTxtRules config
archiveRules config
sitemapRules config
downloadRules :: Rules ()
downloadRules = do
match "downloads/**" do
route $ setExtension ".txt"
compile copyFileCompiler
codeRules :: Rules Dependency
codeRules = do
let path = "code/**"
match path do
route idRoute
compile getResourceBody
makePatternDependency path
imageRules :: Rules ()
imageRules =
match "images/**" do
route idRoute
compile copyFileCompiler
templateRules :: Rules ()
templateRules = do
match "_layouts/**" $ compile layoutCompiler
match "_partials/**" $ compile templateCompiler
match "_templates/**" $ compile templateCompiler